Style By Design

Take the struggle out of outfit planning. Get the know-how to DESIGN your AUTHENTIC signature style. Discover and transform yourself from 'invisible' to shining your own light with confidence.



Designing your own signature style and wardrobe is the best way to create a unique look that is true and timeless to you… and when you refine and amplify this look you become your own stylist and ditch the care for trend or impulsive buying forever. 

Inside this masterclass program, you will:

💡 Learn everything you need to know about having a great personal style and more!

💡 Start building your signature style that turns heads! 

💡 Know and trust your own opinion about what to wear and own your look!

💡 Show up as the most confident version of yourself who is comfortable in their own skin

Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Your Uninspiring Wardrobe?  

👉  You feel drab wearing the ‘same old’ clothes. You feel stuck in a rut. 

👉  You feel invisible or hide away instead of showing up with confidence and go after what you really want

👉  You want to look and feel more polished with better quality clothing but don’t know what to invest in

👉 You want to have a signature style that turns heads but don't know how...


Trust me you are not alone! 

It’s time to nail your style DNA and express yourself with confidence that gets you noticed. 

Take my client, Marie, she felt for the last 20+ years she had not been owning her authentic style. 

She hated shopping. 

She believed wanting to look good was vain. 

BUT she knew there was a sexy, strong, self-confident woman buried somewhere under her concert tees and jeans, wanting to come out and play with the world.

She reached out to me for help, and letting go of the clothes that were no longer serving her, she discovered her best colours and shapes, learned how to layer and bought a few new pieces to elevate her style.

She looks and feels like a different person. 

This is what she said after working with me. 👇👇👇

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