Aligned & Empowered Mastermind

90-Day mastermind for female personal brand owners. We start on 8.8.2022. 

Aligned & Empowered Mastermind is designed to help you to feel ALIGNED with your vision and EMPOWERED to take consistent inspired actions so you can uplevel your income and impact. 


I've seen (and have been myself) far too many phenomenal women who have a vision that can make the world a much better place but ALLOW themselves to get in their own way and abandon their dreams (their TRUE selves). 


This Mastermind is to help those outstanding women to bring their vision to fruition by banishing the inner 'I'm NOT enough' statement that stops them in their track. 

I've experienced and witnessed this single statement weighing down and crippling so many of us. It happens every single day. 

We've been beating ourselves up for far too long; 
We've had so many experiences in our life where we learnt that we are not enough; 
We've been taught unless we achieve certain goals within a certain timeline we are not good enough.

This belief affects all our decisions as we doubt ourselves, limit ourselves, and beat ourselves up. 

If I tell you 'come on, let it go, of course you are enough', you'll dismiss me completely just like dismissing your own thoughts. Because underneath this simple 'I'm not enough' statement stores so much fear, pain, grief and shame that is looking to be uncovered, acknowledged, processed and transmuted. Let's get it from the root.

Can you acknowledge the TRUE pain of walking around believing that you are not enough? How much has this been costing you? 

And YET, there is a part of you deep down KNOW that you ARE enough. The REAL you know because it IS your TRUTH. 

Imagine that you DECIDE to believe that you are enough all of the time. What does it look like? 

I am enough EVEN IF I fail.
I am enough EVEN IF I procrastinate.
I am enough EVEN IF I am not present.
I am enough EVEN IF I have 'flaws'. 
I am enough EVEN IF I make a mess. 

The magic of this decision is that when you accept every part (version) of yourself no matter what, everything opens up for you. When you're blissed out and no longer living in fear, scarcity and shame, you make better choices in all areas of your life. 

Embodying 'I am enough' is THE work because it changes EVERYTHING. 

In all honesty, it doesn't happen overnight. It's step by step, emotion by emotion and decision by decision that makes this belief stronger and stronger in your body. 

I want to be this person who helps you to SEE who you truly are, be ALIGNED with your vision, EMPOWERED to take consistent inspired actions and EMBODY the most powerful belief that you were born ENOUGH and PERFECT. 

So... I'm calling EPIC women entrepreneurs (8 max).

Women who are f*cking courageous (or willing to BE),
Women who are f*cking gorgeous (they might not KNOW that yet),
Women who are f*cking fed up with feeling 'too much' or 'not enough'.
Women who are willing to implement and take actions especially when sh*t gets tough. 

If you haven't been put off by all the F words, then you might like me. Let's get into the nitty-gritty. 

What does this 'Aligned & Empowered Mastermind' look like? 
In short, it's Empowerment and Business with a pinch of Woo (manifestation/energetics)  

90 days with me in a small mastermind container. Here is what we will do together.

👉 Let's get down to your deepest desires (yes even the ones you are too ashamed to admit because you're afraid of them being 'wrong'), your vision, and your message and F*cking own them. 

👉 Let's get you EPICALLY aligned. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let's get clear about WHO you are DECIDING to become from now on and step into your power NOW. 

👉 Let's shift the way you value your work and help you SEE how phenomenal you are and have been. Increasing your fees? Creating a new offer that's in total alignment? You got it. 

👉 Let's show up without fear, or even better, with fear and welcome ALL emotions that have been hiding in your shadow. We process, neutralise and transmute them to something useful and powerful to you. You show up with power and speak your truth regardless of your circumstances. External and/or internal. And if that's not ENOUGH and EMPOWERMENT then what is?   

👉 Let's make sure you're going to keep showing up after the 90 days too because we're in for the long game. Practising and embodying this 'new' identity every single day during our time together will build a solid foundation for you. Repetition is hugely underrated. Your 'new' thought pattern will become your natural state of BEING. 

👉 AND we are doing it LIVE! No pre-recorded videos. It's all real-time and action-based. Of course, there will be replays in case you ask! Safe space, live training x 6, Q&A x6, unlimited FB group support, hanging out with me and others with the same goal: uplevel our self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love to shift/uplevel our income and impact AND change the world (yes, really). 

That's really it. You will TRUST, ACCEPT and LOVE yourself more than you've ever been. And every decision you make and every action you take from that place are not something you've experienced before. 

We start on 8.8.2022. The investment is GBP £1,111. Payment plan available. 

This mastermind is perfect for women in business who already have strategies but they know strategies alone cannot get where they want to be. They want to bring themselves FULLY into their brand equation and quit being a commodity in the marketplace. 

DM me to apply and if you are a good fit you can claim your space (and power) right away. 

I CANNOT wait to hear from you!

All my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yifan x


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